Gifts & Home Update: Colorways for the the Scarf Line April 07 2016

Pretty Summer Scarves Pretty Spring Scarf

An exciting update to share with you! This scarf is part of a project I’ve been working on for a LONG time (since 2013!). If you've been following along for a while you've heard me mention it over the years. I’ve slowly made strides to release the line with the most critical piece being having the right partners in place. It's been very important to me to align with charitable partners that align with my mission: to provide supportive empowerment to children & teens to reach their life goals. After much thought, research and consideration I've chosen to work with some great organizations. Some are programs I've already been providing scholarships at and some are brand new.

Here’s the collection details:

1) The collection has three scarf designs that will be released in array of color palettes. I hand dyed each piece of fabric (cotton & silk) using traditional itajime shibori techniques.

2) I chose each color palette with purpose - all based on symbolism. I created the color recipes myself testing each one several times before making it part of the final collection.

3) Each piece comes with a care card with the meanings & symbolism behind the color choice as well as information on how the pieces support scholarships that align with my mission: to help support & empower children and teens to reach their life goals.

4) The collection is part of my upcoming gifts & home line. It’s all coming soon and I’ll be sharing more about it here. The scarves are available in very limited editions & will be released to my email list first. You can get first dibs here:


Image: Colleen Dubois for Rebecca Tollefsen