Five Best April 03 2013

1. Loved these TED Talks:  Michael Parrish DuDell, Amanda Palmer and Alison Lebovitz. 

2.  I've been peeling through this interview series.  

3.  I have a B.A. in Communication with a minor in family communication which is probably why I enjoy these kinds of articles.  

4.  Loving Mad Men Season 5 which just came out on Netflix and I've been starting to get caught up on that.  Loving listening to this Fresh Air podcast with the director of the Up Series was interesting. I listened to this William H. Macy Fresh Air interview that aired in January (John and I just started Shameless Season #3) so it was interesting to get the scoop from his perspective.

5. Currently loving: this cute collarthese cups (!!), the looks of this recipe, another top with a beautiful back, the future means of employment for John and I??,  this pot and THIS (I feel like I have probably linked this before because it is ridiculously sweet). I hope you are enjoying your Spring weekend!

 Image: Rebecca Tollefsen