New! The Halos Collection November 09 2015

Personalized Jewelry with symbolism and meaning. Personalized Birthstones and Initials.

Each piece in the Halos Collection includes a halo paired with initials, birthstones or beautiful pyrite (a protection stone). The halo represents the respect and sentiment you have for your loved ones and the initials and birthstones represent your loved ones. Featuring delicate, minimal, mixed metal pieces that are easy for everyday wear. Fully customize your jewelry by mixing your metals on the halo, the chain, the initial pendants and the pyrite for a truly unique look. The collection includes genuine gemstones, sterling silver and 14k gold fill (not gold plate/dipped - with goldfill the gold is seared to a sterling metal so it's much higher quality than "gold plate/dipped"). Perfect gifts for mothers, sisters, co-workers, your wedding party and you!