More Studio Snapshots from 2015 December 30 2015

Studio Space Art Studio Workshop in New England

This long, old table passed down from my mother-in-law found a home as my bench many years ago. I think it's around seven feet long so I can spread out with lots of space to run my production line. This side of the table is where drilling, polishing and other finishing techniques are done as well as any sawing and soldering.

Vintage bookplates of gemstones: the top left is smoky quartz. The top right is rose quartz/japser. The bottom left is amethyst and the bottom right is agate. I have two more to add to the collection one pyrite and another rose quartz, I think.

Production work at my studio space in New England

Production work: Fan pendants hammered & personalized, ready to be drilled & then polished.

Studio Snapshots Mother's Day gifts from my son

My favorite days at work are the days when my son visits me at the studio. I don't bring him there often enough and he's always asking to come to work with me. Last spring he stopped by for a visit to drop off some flowers and a leaf he found as gifts for me on a walk. After he left I found them carefully placed on this chair - so damn cute.

Prepping for a product photography shoot in my studio

Prepping for a product photography shoot for some of the new pieces that debuted in 2015. I often sit in this chair with it in facing the little green wooden chest. I place a white backdrop on top of the chest. It's a setup that works well if I catch the light at the right time of day.

Production work for my new line The Halo Collection - custom personalized jewelry

Production work: matching up some Halo Collection mixed metal finish combinations for orders placed after the collection was released in the fall of 2015. Shown here are bright sterling pendants with bright sterling and gold halos and gold pendants with bright sterling or gold halos.

A little visitor at work today

My studio assistant dropping by for a visit after school and chatting my ear off while I finished packaging orders for the day.

Jewelry Production Work Refinishing Vintage Brass Lockets

Production work: Message, Tiny & Teardrop style lockets during their polish session. These are vintage deadstock lockets from the 1940s-1960s (both sourced here in New England) so they arrive to me in need of refinishing. I put them through four steps of refinishing bringing them to a high, golden shine. This is the first step in the process.

Shelfie above my shipping station in my studio.

Studio shelfie. Years ago I pinned that larger photo of the woman with her eyes closed (by artist Cate Parr) to my "studio inspiration" board. My husband bought it for me for my birthday a couple of years ago and here she is rocking the shelf area above my shipping station. To the left of her is a print by friend and photographer Colleen Dubois (the other purple print). Colleen has shot a couple of my collections in the past and partnered with me to offer print/locket gift box pairings for Holiday 2014. You'll see some the photographic work she did with me in a new collection release coming soon!

product packaging for a personalized bridesmaid jewelry order

Little dried starflowers are the final touch in the product packaging for this bridal party order.

More studio shots found here or follow along on Instagram where I often behind the scenes of my work and process.


Images: Rebecca Tollefsen via Instagram