Gratitude Rocks Have Arrived In The Shop! December 05 2016

Gratitude Rocks: six year old's charitable project

Gratitude rocks for children's charity

Everyday after school my son joins me at my studio while I finish up work for the day. When I added a little retail spot within the studio last month he was really curious about as he watched me prepare for the launch. He asked if he could participate too. He decided to paint some 'gratitude rocks' that he learned about at summer camp. They are rocks you give to someone you're grateful for or you can carry them yourself to remind you what you're grateful for. If you stop by the studio you'll find his gratitude rocks for sale. They come in a little gift pouch with tag explaining the meaning behind the rock. He is donating all the proceeds to the local food pantry and is very excited about his display. He's even been thinking up (and then reciting) what he will say when someone would like to buy on of the rocks. 💘  He came up with that whole idea on his own and his enthusiasm is adorable! One sweet lady even bought one to send to her friend in Hawaii. I'm a lucky mom to have such a sweet guy hanging with me at work each day. UPDATE: as of 1/1/17 all of the Gratitude Rocks have sold out but more on the way! I have received many requests for more Gratitude Rocks and have a list going so if you'd like to be added to the list you can contact me here.