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  • FIVE BEST NO. 54 September 20 2017

    Summer In New England

    1. Currently digesting all of the Newport Folk Festival acts via NPR Music Live in Concert on my podcast app since we couldn't make the festival this year. Why is music even better live? Next up on my list to catch is the band Joseph.

    2. Absolutely in love with this botanical tattoo artist. Her work is completely beautiful! She has such talent and I can't take it. I love when she holds the inspiration pieces right next to her finished work. 

    4. Serena William's letter on body positivity. Yasss!

    5. 25 things to get rid of this fall. Why does fall time always signal us to de-clutter, get organized and start fresh? Whatever the answer I'm on board. I devoured this list of things to get rid of. I implemented the makeup and spice suggestions right away.

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    Image: Rebecca Tollefsen

    Five Best No. 53 March 09 2017

    Duxbury Beach, Duxbury Massachusetts, Made in New England, Shop Local

    1. I was excited to see De La Soul has a new album. It came out in the fall but still.... long time waiting on this and didn't really know if it would ever happen.

    2. The swimsuit evolution from the Victorian Era to the Bikini Age.

    3. A lot of my favorite snapchat accounts have migrated to Instagram Stories and I kinda have too. A couple of my favorite Instagram Stories accounts are Weelicious & LIFE. Catherine, a.k.a. Weelicious, is known for her amazing kid lunch ideas and enticing smoothies recipes she makes for her children every day. Her stories are full of great meal ideas even if you don't have kids. She also has an easy, family friendly meal delivery service, One Potato Box, if you live on the west coast.
    Another favorite IG Stories account is LIFE. They share really cool historical photos from past LIFE magazine issues in their stories and on their photo account as well. Think photos like this and this. YES!

    Image: Rebecca Tollefsen 

    Five Best No. 52 September 23 2016

    Five Best Things This Week, Music, Fashion, Fun

    1. This album from Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam (former Walkmen front man & former Vampire Weekend member) was released today. It's been on repeat all day.

    2. The documentary Wiener. I can't figure this one out.....can you? Given what unravels throughout the film...why would he still agree to allow the makers to release it?

    3. Ever get into a mood for a good movie but don't know what to pick? This list, compiled by NPR, tells you "if you liked this, then you'll like that".

    4. Smoke your own cheese. Are you down with that?

    5. Tour Jackie O's childhood home which is now on the market in the Hamptons.


    Image: Rebecca Tollefsen

    Five Best June 06 2014

    1.  This song by Tweedy (Jeff Tweedy w/ his son) with Lucius. Love cool collaborations like this. 

    2. Warm weather lovers unite.  Five must see parks this summer.

    3. Apparently creepy Tumblrs are a thing:  this and this.

    4. Happy adopted dogs heading to their new homes.

    5. Advice from Hunter S. Thompson.


    Image: Rebecca Tollefsen 


    Five Best February 14 2014

    1. Check out this page for a dose of complete sweetness.

    2. The March 2014 issue of BeadStyle Magazine includes an interview with me where I discuss building your brand.

    3. Oliva Pope's coats.  Oliva Pope's gowns.

    4. Oliva Pope for President.

    5. Currently loving: these words, this winter weekend look & my current herbal tea blend. This is such a pretty updo


    Image: Rebecca Tollefsen


    Five Best January 09 2014

    1. This would make the best door wreath but would also be great in a kitchen.

    2.  A fun roundup.

    3.  Revival of grunge & plaid?

    4.  If Breaking Bad characters left Amazon product reviews.

    5.  Currently loving:  this looks amazing, right?, now that we've made the full plunge into winter (and it's damn cold this year) you'll find me in something like this until Spring arrives, also loving this.  

    Image:  Rebecca Tollefsen


    Five Best December 13 2013

    1.  Having your nails painted is awesome. I don't do mine nearly enough but would love these dark nails the next time I get around to it.

    2.  Who was your favorite movie or tv character from 2013?

    3.   The Meanings of Selfie.

    4.  The vintage initial bar necklace was featured in Life Beautiful Magazine's Holiday 2013 issue.

    5.  Currently loving:  this heathered sweatermatching accessories, getting cozy, this simple space.

    Image:  Rebecca Tollefsen