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  • Happy 2016! January 01 2016

    An inspirational quote on my wishes for you in 2016. Happy New Year!

    My wishes for you in 2016! Happy New Year!



    Motivate Your Monday January 05 2015

    Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for a wondeful 2014.  I can't believe what a great year it was and it's all because of you & your support of The Dedication Company.  We have so many thoughtful and kind customers and I love working with you and getting to know you.  Here's some new Motivation for Your Monday for the first Monday of 2015.  I hope you have a wonderful year filled with both Joy & Peace!  - Rebecca

    Monday Motivation November 10 2014


    How to Stay Motivated On a Monday October 06 2014

    A recurring theme on our community tag over on instagram.  Head to instagram to join in with your motivational quotes or just gather some motivation for your Monday via the tag #tdcmotivateyourmonday and follow some of the wonderful accounts who have already been participating while you are there.

    Motivation For Your Monday August 18 2014

    Eleanor Roosevelt This week's #tdcmotivateyourmonday offers a reminder to believe in our dreams in order to achieve the future we see for ourselves.

    Motivate Your Monday June 09 2014

    Hope you had a great weekend.  On Saturday my mom brought my aunt by the studio for a mid afternoon visit.  Then John, Sylas and I went to family dinner at his brother's house.  On Sunday we hung around the house and relaxed because Sylas was pretty exhausted from the day before because we kept him up a little later than usual.  The weather was so perfect in New England and it seemed very summery here.

    This past week I was letting a some things get me down.  I don't like it when that happens and the very fact that I let some things get to me bothers me as well. But......it happens. We all have bad days. Sometimes I'm better at handling those bad days then other times.  My approach to getting through last week was not to distract myself from what was bothering me.  With the internet, television and the daily grind it can be easy for me to just zone out and not address what is bothering me.  So I turned the music off in the car and Orange is the New Black at the studio in an effort to process my thoughts in the quiet.  My hope was to get to a resolution about what was bothering me as quickly as possible because I can't stand being torn about something.  I've always believed you have to walk through the fire to get to the other side of it but I don't always practice that.  It might not be fun or easy but avoiding feelings only makes things worse for me so I took the approach of making myself process what was going on right up front.  It really did help to try to face it all head on and I definitely learned a lot from approaching it like this.  So this week I'm ready to have an outstanding week :).  What are some ways you handle when things get you down?

    Head over to Instagram to post your own #tdcmotivateyourmonday photo and motivating caption.  It's nice to sift through the inspiration/motivation other are posting, especially after a little rough patch of a week.  

    Have a great week! - Rebecca

    Motivate Your Monday February 17 2014

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Image:  Rebecca Tollefsen