Winter 2018 Book Picks January 24 2018

Winter 2018 Book Picks, What I Read

A few books I've listened to or read this fall/winter season. 

Bootstrapper by Mardi Jo Link - Loved this one! It chronicles a woman going through a divorce, trying to raise her boys while finding a way to financially keep the farm she is living on as a single mother. I loved listening to her take on the ups and downs of motherhood, the thrifty ways she makes ends meet as a single mom trying to run a farm and how she heals from her divorce.

You'll Grow Out Out Of It by Jessi Klein - I listened to this during the busy holiday season and it gave me LIFE in studio on the production table getting all your orders out because it was easy-to-listen-to. It's a quick, snarky, funny and at times self-deprecating look at the author's life and her perspective on female topics. 

My Life On The Road by Gloria Steinhem - I think I was expecting some kind of chronicle about the early women's movement but this gave a little more than that. It dug into Gloria Steinhem's life from her childhood on and that was the part I found most interesting!

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult - This was my pick for the book club I belong to. I chose it because I heard Jodi Picoult speak at a peace rally and loved what she had to say. She seems to be a very popular author but I had never read anything by her before. Listening to her speak interested me so I chose her newest book. I LOVED the entire book.....except for the ending. I don't dislike the ending - I was a little disappointed by it. I was expecting it to end a little bit differently but it is still 100% worth the read and I highly recommend it. I'd love to discuss the ending so let me know if you read this one.