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  • Birthstone Chain Threaded Style Earrings - Halos Collection

    $ 28.00

    The perfect gift for:
    • co-workers • mothers • bridesmaids • flower girls • mothers of the bride or groom •mothers-to-be • friends • join an elegant trend by wearing your own birthstones.

    + SYMBOLISM: Part of the Halos Collection. Halo noun ha·lo \ˈhā-(ˌ)lō\ the aura of glory, great respect, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing. Who is your halo? The little halos hang just above the birthstones or pyrite stones. The pyrite stones or birthstones represent your family/friends/loved ones and the halo represents the respect, sentiment & love you have for them. Pyrite is a protection stone known for promoting focus, warding off negativity and bringing good luck. 

    These lightweight earrings come in two sizes and a range of color options for your bridal party. Mix your metals on the chain and halos to create a unique, one of kind pair of earrings.

    - Hammered halo in sterling or 14k goldfill: 6mm
    - Your choice of length: your choice of 1.5 inches or 2.25 inches.
    - Your choice of up to four birthstones or pyrite stones on each earring & choice of chain finish: bright sterling silver, 14k goldfill or brushed sterling silver.

    + CLICK HERE TO ADD BIRTHSTONES if you'd like more than four stones on each earring.

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