I Quit... October 17 2011

I'm entering my third year of retailing my jewelry line and this month I'll be leaving my job to design and produce the collection full time.  For the last three years I've been working at my job during the day and then coming home to work at nights and on weekends fulfilling orders for the jewelry line. Between my day job and fulfilling orders for the jewelry line I've been working 80-90 hours a week for the last few years. I don't mind at all because I'm committed to growing my line and feel really grateful about that. But my son is little and I want to be able to see him as much as possible. Thankfully, my husband stays home to care for our son right now. This was a major deciding factor for us in whether I should give up the income from my day job. But after crunching through the numbers a couple of times we realized that we are completely able to make this happen.

Here's what I know: I'm dedicated to continuing the growth of my jewelry line and right now is a great time to focus on that growth. I feel lucky and grateful at all times. It's a tremendous privilege to do this and it all goes back to my customers. I'm very grateful to all of you. You've let me work with you on creating special pieces to mark celebrations, events and people in your lives and that is a huge honor.   

I'm looking forward to this next chapter. It's exciting and rewarding and I can't wait to get planning! Thanks for reading this far :) and I hope you had a nice weekend.