FIVE BEST NO. 54 September 20 2017

Summer In New England

1. Currently digesting all of the Newport Folk Festival acts via NPR Music Live in Concert on my podcast app since we couldn't make the festival this year. Why is music even better live? Next up on my list to catch is the band Joseph.

2. Absolutely in love with this botanical tattoo artist. Her work is completely beautiful! She has such talent and I can't take it. I love when she holds the inspiration pieces right next to her finished work. 

4. Serena William's letter on body positivity. Yasss!

5. 25 things to get rid of this fall. Why does fall time always signal us to de-clutter, get organized and start fresh? Whatever the answer I'm on board. I devoured this list of things to get rid of. I implemented the makeup and spice suggestions right away.

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Image: Rebecca Tollefsen