Studio Snapshots from 2015 November 21 2015

Window ledge filled with plants in my New England based studio

My studio is an old industrial mill building and it has huge windows that let in lots of great plant light.

Production line in the studio

Production Day: hammering some Halo Necklaces in gold & silver. After the hammering is done to add some beautiful light reflective texture I drill and polish each one before assembly.

studio shelfie

Studio shelfie. first go around. I've changed the lineup on this shelf more times than I'd like share. Shelfie problems.

production work soldering stud earrings at my studio in New England

Soldering stud earrings.

Shipping station organization business cards and marketing materials

A little spot in my shipping station keeps all of my postcards, business cards, thank you cards and other packaging essentials handy and accessible.

Production work at my artspace

Production Day: Giving an initial refinishing to these vintage lockets before I turn them into pieces with a high golden shine.

Rebecca Tollefsen new branding and gold open hoop earrings

This year I rebranded my line under my own name. Here's a look at my new logo and business cards.

Mid Century Modern Chairs Bankers Chairs in Green Vinyl

If you've been following along for a while you might be rolling your eyes at my ridiculous vintage chair photos at this point. Here are two more. The seat on the chairs is a light sage-y green vinyl. The like the color but not the material. I'm looking to give these an oiling and then change out the fabric on the seats to a light gray or navy color.

Production work tiny petal pendants personalized initial pendants

Production Day: lots of pretty petal pendants personalized, drilled and now ready for a dee polish to bring out the shine.

Shipping packages out around the world

Shipping packages off at the end of the day.

Fresh sketchbook ready for new designs and product ideas

New sketching pencils and sketchbook ready to be filled with new design ideas.

Little nook in my studio to keep it cozy and bright

Another version of my shellie. I think it still looks pretty like this at the current time. I am very guilty of overthinking my shelf arrangements.

An old industrial mill building in my work neighborhood

A beautiful building in my studio neighborhood last Fall.

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Images: Rebecca Tollefsen via Instagram