Off Duty February 01 2016

A New England Day Spent in Maine

Two weeks ago my husband and I had a date on the coast of New England. We spent the day driving around dreaming about living in a tiny little place like the one above, hunting for all the beers we can't find at home, stopping along the Maine antique trail and rounding it out at the Portsmouth Brewery. 

Planet Waves Bob Dylan and The Band Vinyl

John had searched through bins of albums but didn't find anything worth adding to our collection. Then tucked behind the checkout counter at one of the shops in Maine sat this album. It is probably the most sentimental album we could ever want for our collection because it has our wedding song on it. It also has the song I danced with my dad to at our wedding and we gifted it to the groomsmen as well. I even have the artwork for it hanging in my studio. When I saw it I immediately pointed it out to my husband and both our eyes lit up. Then a long conversation ensued with the shop keep about finding special albums and 1970s record players. At the very least it was serendipitous and at the very most it meant so much more. I love when that happens!


Images: Rebecca Tollefsen.