Studio Move February 28 2016

Moving my workshop from an industrial mill building to a quaint studio space closer to home.

I sure am going to miss this place. I'm saying goodbye to this studio space at the end of the week. A studio space closer to home opened up and of course I had to take it! I've been at my current studio for two years and it's been terrific. But my new studio has things that are too good to pass up! It will be housed inside my sister in law's yoga studio so I'll be close by to friends and family. I'll even be able to walk to work everyday which is a huge bonus!  

Once I'm settled at my new studio space I'll be launching my gifts & home collection. If you've been following along for a while (and thank you if you have - I love getting to know you!) you know I've been working on the gifts & home line since 2013. The line has evolved over time into so much more than I originally planned and I'm excited to share it with you! You may have also heard me mention that I've been hoping to open a brick & mortar location in the future. While I won't have a full on storefront at my new studio space I will be sharing a small, thoughtfully curated selection of items each month as well as hosting quarterly markets. The quarterly markets will feature a full selection of limited edition jewelry, homewares/decor and gifts for those on your list. To see what's available at the new studio each month (some of it can ship to you if you're not local) and to keep up with the dates of the quarterly markets you can join my weekly email list or follow along on Facebook & Instagram.


Images: Rebecca Tollefsen