Five Best No. 53 March 09 2017

Duxbury Beach, Duxbury Massachusetts, Made in New England, Shop Local

1. I was excited to see De La Soul has a new album. It came out in the fall but still.... long time waiting on this and didn't really know if it would ever happen.

2. The swimsuit evolution from the Victorian Era to the Bikini Age.

3. A lot of my favorite snapchat accounts have migrated to Instagram Stories and I kinda have too. A couple of my favorite Instagram Stories accounts are Weelicious & LIFE. Catherine, a.k.a. Weelicious, is known for her amazing kid lunch ideas and enticing smoothies recipes she makes for her children every day. Her stories are full of great meal ideas even if you don't have kids. She also has an easy, family friendly meal delivery service, One Potato Box, if you live on the west coast.
Another favorite IG Stories account is LIFE. They share really cool historical photos from past LIFE magazine issues in their stories and on their photo account as well. Think photos like this and this. YES!

Image: Rebecca Tollefsen